Digital Billboard Set up Cost

Digital billboard set up cost depends on the quality of LED Panels, size and location of the set up. For more information call 01316743003.

When it comes to outdoor LED Screen prices, LED ad pro provides the Best outdoor led display screen advertising service for a very affordable price. The prices of these displays vary depending on the size, place, features, and duration. Led ad pro provides service to our clients at a very affordable price. The prices range from 100/to 150/200tk per minute depending on the specs of the display and its location. We cover all the major cities and districts all over Bangladesh. Our outdoor LED displays are ideal for advertising purposes and they are an affordable way to advertise your products and services. They provide bright content and enable the advertiser to connect with a large number of people in a short period of time. Led ad pro uses advanced equipment to deliver superior results and high-quality content to our clients at affordable rates. To check billboard size & location click here

What are the benefits of Outdoor Advertising? Outdoor Advertising provides an effective way for brands to connect with their consumers using a variety of media formats including billboards, transit shelters, bus panels, airports, malls and shopping streets, among others. All these formats present high visibility and allow advertisers to reach target audiences effectively. Nowadays almost every organization tries to promote their brand through different types of advertisement tools but there is one type of medium that build an impact on the audience’s mind on a large scale and that comes under outdoor advertising which is called out-of-home advertising or billboard advertising.


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