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LED Screens Reantal

LED Advertising Screens and LED Advertising Caravan

We are leading LED Advertising Agency in Bangladesh provides finest quality LED Screen Advertising in Indoor & Outdoor LED Billboards, LED Giant Screens, LED Signs & LED TVs in Bangladesh

How It Work?


Let us know your requirements, Our expert team will communicate for your best Solutions


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After finalize your Campaign we will On Air your Advisements within shortest time.

Our professionals are available 24/7 to promote your Brands. Our advertising services include Digital Out of Home, Out of Home and Event Activation.

Key benifit with our service

LED Screen Advertising is a communication medium which uses the latest in display technology. In simplistic terms it is a remotely managed electronic display device in which content such as full motion video, photo realistic graphics, texts or animation can be displayed in full HD. Research shows that, digital LED Screen is viewed up to ten times more often than static signage marketing, Digital signs can save on advertising costs through high-impact targeting, creating a greater return on investment for your advertisement. Digital out of home media focuses on marketing to consumers when they are in public spaces. It goes where most other media can’t go to surround and immerse consumers out of home, where they spend 70% of their waking hours. This is very effective to captivate a large group of audience as they can be seen at night, during the rainy season and even during the day.

  • Attention Grabbing: With full HD adverts viewers are not only likely to notice your message, but are likely to receive the message and act on it
  • Cost Effective: LED Screen is a very cost effective media per 100000 viewers. It reaches more people, more often at a very low cost. Eliminating the need to print and distribution static signs each time your message or campaign changes,
  • Brand Reinforcement: Digital LED Advertising screen has the effect of magnifying your brand stature and elevating brand perception
  • High frequency: Daily 10 hours of period. Your message can be broadcast up to thousands of times on our network

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LED AD Pro is leading LED Screen Advertising Agency in Bangladesh, offer finest level of OOH Advertising Service