Billboard Price in Bangladesh Powered By LED AD PRO

Billboard Price in Bangladesh Powered By LED AD PRO

Billboard Price in Bangladesh Powered By LED AD PRO

Discover the dynamic world of billboard advertising in Bangladesh, powered by LED AD PRO. Explore how LED billboard prices vary based on size, location, and demand. Uncover strategies for optimal billboard placement and learn about the advantages and challenges of digital advertising. Get insights into the cost, benefits, and specialties of different LED screens. Explore the bustling Gulshan area as an example of a prime advertising location. Discover how LED AD PRO sets up custom digital boards for clients, providing a comprehensive advertising solution. Learn about indoor LED advertising screen setups and rentals. Get the most out of your advertising investment with our expert guidance.

Billboard Price in Bangladesh Powered By LED AD PRO


Billboard advertising in Bangladesh has entered a new era with the emergence of LED AD PRO, a leading digital out-of-home advertising display service provider and rental company. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of billboard advertising, shedding light on how LED billboard prices are influenced by various factors, such as size, location, and demand. As we embark on this journey, we will explore the nuances of effective advertising, discuss the advantages and challenges of digital billboards, and provide you with valuable insights to optimize your advertising strategies.

Billboard Price in Bangladesh Powered By LED AD PRO:

LED billboard prices are a product of several interwoven factors that determine their value and effectiveness. One of the primary factors is the size of the billboard. Larger billboards tend to attract more attention due to their prominent presence, resulting in a higher price tag. However, it’s not just about size; location plays a pivotal role as well. Strategically placing billboards in high-traffic areas, such as the bustling tourism destination of Cox’s Bazar, maximizes audience exposure and potential customer targeting.

Moreover, the popularity of the location significantly impacts billboard prices. In crowded places like the vibrant Gulshan area, billboards offer a higher potential for capturing views and engagement, driving up demand and consequently, the price. Contrastingly, billboards situated in remote or less densely populated areas might not yield the same effectiveness, affecting their price and demand.

Specialties of Different LED Screens:

Every digital screen boasts its unique characteristics and specialties. Some LED boards, like the famed Gulshan Billboard, capitalize on the bustling urban landscape to deliver exceptional visibility and engagement. These boards strategically cater to diverse audiences, enhancing the potential for increased brand exposure and customer interaction.

The Demand Factor and Price Fluctuations:

Demand serves as a dynamic driver in the world of billboard advertising. As demand increases, particularly in popular locations, billboard prices also experience an upward trajectory. This phenomenon underscores the competitive nature of the industry and highlights the intrinsic link between demand and cost.

Custom Digital Board Setups:

LED AD PRO doesn’t just rent out billboards; they also offer custom digital board setups tailored to client’s specific needs. These setups provide a more personalized advertising approach, which can be more costly than standard billboard rentals. The ability to customize content, timing, and target audience further enhances the effectiveness of these setups.

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Advantages and Challenges of Digital Billboard Advertising:

Digital billboard advertising brings a myriad of advantages to the table. With the ability to display dynamic content, change messaging in real time, and capture attention with vibrant visuals, digital billboards offer a versatile and impactful advertising medium. Additionally, the interactive nature of digital screens allows for higher audience engagement, making it easier to convey messages and drive action.

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However, digital billboard advertising also presents challenges. The initial setup costs for digital billboards are higher compared to traditional static billboards. Maintenance and technical issues can also arise, potentially impacting the seamless delivery of content. Furthermore, ensuring the right balance between captivating visuals and not overwhelming viewers requires careful consideration.

Indoor LED Advertising Screen Setups and Rentals:

In addition to outdoor billboards, LED AD PRO also specializes in indoor LED advertising screen setups and rentals. These setups are particularly beneficial for events, exhibitions, and locations with significant foot traffic. Placing LED screens indoors allows for targeted advertising in controlled environments, creating engaging experiences for visitors and potential customers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How are LED billboard prices determined?
A: LED billboard prices are influenced by factors like size, location, demand, and the popularity of the area. Popular locations with high traffic tend to command higher prices.

Q: What is the average price range for LED billboards?
A: The usual average price range for LED billboards ranges from 150 BDT/min to 250 BDT/min.

Q: How does LED AD PRO cater to different client needs?
A: LED AD PRO offers custom digital board setups, allowing clients to tailor their advertising content, timing, and target audience for a more personalized approach.

Q: What advantages do digital billboards offer?
A: Digital billboards provide dynamic content display, real-time messaging changes, higher audience engagement, and the ability to capture attention with vibrant visuals.

Q: Are there challenges associated with digital billboard advertising?
A: Yes, challenges include higher initial setup costs, maintenance issues, technical challenges, and the need to strike a balance between captivating visuals and viewer comfort.

Q: What are the benefits of indoor LED advertising screen setups?
A: Indoor LED setups offer targeted advertising in controlled environments, making them ideal for events, exhibitions, and locations with significant foot traffic.


Billboard advertising in Bangladesh, powered by LED AD PRO, offers a dynamic and effective means of capturing audience attention. LED billboard prices vary based on size, location, and demand, with popular areas commanding higher costs. By leveraging custom digital board setups, advertisers can tailor their content for optimal engagement. Digital billboards bring advantages like dynamic content display and real-time messaging changes, but they also present challenges such as setup costs and maintenance issues. Additionally, indoor LED setups provide targeted advertising solutions for various events and exhibitions. With LED AD PRO’s expertise, businesses can navigate the world of billboard advertising, making their mark in the vibrant landscape of Bangladesh’s advertising industry.


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